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E- Motion Flow

What is E-motion Flow?

“You were once wild, don’t let them tame you” - Isadora Duncan

When was the last time you let go?

When did you last shake off stress?

How about scream and not be scared of the sounds you produced?

When did you move like no one was watching or caring?

Have you ever truly given in and witnessed the beauty of a creation that flowed out of you?

As a species that are part of the animal kingdom, we humans are meant to move, to stretch, to gather energy and to dispel it. We are meant to wake and run, squat, climb, twist, bend, carry, pull, and push. However, with modern ways of living, we are often sitting in a chair or lying down for 95% of the time.

We sit at home, we sit at work, we sit when we “relax”. We are protected, molded, and formulated into beings that just “grin and bear it”. Unfortunately all this not speaking your truth, pushing it down, repressing emotions and thoughts, causes diseases. It causes stagnation in the body which begs to be released. Micro traumas from childhood add up and become larger issues that could have been prevented through movement. Just like man’s best friend, the dog, we could benefit to feels these pent up feelings and shake them off. When released, the energy that was boiling up has a place to go. Our wildness is let out so that it does not eat us up from within.

“In order to change, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them. Physical self-awareness is the first step in releasing the tyranny of the past.” - The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van Der Wolk

The E-Motion Flow class is to move the energy that is within. This class is about removing fear and replacing it with curiosity. We are unpeeling, unlayering to allow for imagination, for creativity, for you.

Lately, the term “somatic” has become quite popular in the circles of bodyworkers and massage therapists. Somatic means “of or relating to the body” and, colloquially, has come to mean that someone else is doing a trauma release on you.

But it does not have to. Somatic healing can be done by yourself. Your ability to play during the class helps to get you more intune with the harmony of the relationship with yourself.

Each class will challenge you to calibrate your meter for creativity through movement to then be able to extend this into your day to day life.


Moving our bodies in ways that we’ve forgotten allows for improved entire body strength and flexibility flow. The class is divided in three sections: Warmup, learning the flow slowly on one side, reviewing it a bit faster on the opposite side and then moving fluidly through the sequence like a dance!


Flexibility, strength, memory, release, creativity, lack of caring what others think, your voice, play, freedom, experimentation.


Dasha was on the path to becoming an Olympic rhythmic gymnast when “life” got in the way. Always loving performing, for 15 years, she had put this passion aside for the practical things of life. In the past year, she’s remembered the strength in shutting the mind down and letting the body do the processing. Dasha is excited to guide you in a practice of dance, movement, release and a re-introduction to you.

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