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ADDRESS:  Vista Del Caribe II, Carretera Cabarete - Sosua, behind the Food Truck Park. Calle Caonabo, Next to El Patio day care.

Phone number: +1 829 5464986


Thank you for your trust!


Dharma Shala 

A space to Share in Community 

It is born from the internal call to give and nurture each other in search of knowledge, the transformation of our bodies, and the awakening of our intuition.

Provide a physical space to express your authenticity and connect with the heart. It invites us to unite the body, mind, and spirit, while we weave a network of alliances between the instructors of different holistic disciplines and the student community.

An open space in which the hills of the north coast mark the horizon, making you feel in tune with nature and in integration with your being.




Mauro Rosito, Dharma Shala es un espacio muy especial en cabarete.

 Cuando uno llega para practicar cualquiera de las distintas disciplinas holísticas que se enseñan allí, uno puede sentir la energía del espacio que invita a los practicantes a viajar hacia dentro, vivenciando las practicas profundamente conectándonos con nuestra propia esencia. Llevando cada uno a encontrar lo que necesita en aquel momento, sanación, tranquilad, energía, animo o a conectarse con su intuición y Corazón.
Yo vengo practicando Yoga a mas de 20 años en distintos sitios con distintos maestros y Dharma Shala es de los pocos locales donde uno encuentra esa energía que ayuda nosotros los practicantes a profundizar nuestra practica.
Y es por esto que siempre que estoy en Cabarete voy a Dharma Shala hacer mis practicas con Gabriela, la Fundadora de este espacio de enseñanza. Sus practicas son mágicas, al mismo tiempo que nos invita con su delicadeza a desafiar nuestros limites, su cuidado con los alumnos y amor por lo que hace nos lleva a relajar, tranquilizar la mente conduciéndonos profundamente hacia dentro de nuestro ser expandiendo nuestro autoconocimiento.

Screen Shot 2022-09-17 at 7.13.44 PM.png

Sretena Dimovski, Love the classes!.

First time trying yoga and I loved it thanks to Gaby. She was absolutely amazing! Each class was different, incorporating new moves and truly embracing yoga and meditation!   Next time I visit DR, I will definitely take more classes with her!


Rebecca Mann, 100% recommend.

Gabby is wonderful. The yoga platform is set in the most beautiful location, classes have a great energy flow and I have left every practise feeling like I'm floating. 100% recommend.

Meet the Founder 

gabriela vera



Born in Venezuela, she moved to the Dominican Republic with her family where Tribuyodr and Dharma Shala Yoga Community was born. Together they work to maintain space and provide healing and study experiences with a holistic approach.

Gabriela was introduced to healing through spiritual techniques at an early age by her loving mother and grandmother. Meditation, reiki, Chinese medicine, and yoga are integrated into her lifestyle.

Love has always been the flame that lights the way.

With training spanning over two decades, she has learned skills and techniques from masters in the world of yoga.

"I firmly believe that the teacher is within each of us.

My practices seek to guide an internal journey that combines different techniques to help you connect with your intuition and honor your authenticity, manifesting your purpose on the mat to continue working on it in the outside world."

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